dig dig dig

Boy2 is dinosaur mad. He also loves diggers, and craft. So when “Can we do craft?” was answered with “sure, what should we make?”, he declared that “baby ‘wos-ah-wapter” (velociraptor) wanted a digger. Quite possibly, baby wos-ah-waptor is a wee big small to dig on his own, and with a long box that I’d had a backdrop delivered in, drooping […]

teacher gifts and bargain shopping

I’ve been eyeing them off on various blogs and Pinterest for a while now. So Tuesday afternoon, with two grumpy small children, I popped on Playschool for the grumps, and Bear and I raided the tip affectionately known as my studio. With the various bits and pieces in hand, we set ourselves up on the craft table. Bear picked the […]

13 in ’13 :: reading challenge

It seems, after a #reverb12 prompt asked about out favourite books, that I’m not the only one disappointed about the lack of reading this past year. I thought about how the 50/50 challenge motivated me to read more than I normally would. And so I propose, a 13/13, 13 books in twenty13, challenge. Read 13 books, of the no-pictures-not-for-small-people variety, […]

Dear Santa…

What do I want for Christmas? To be honest, not a lot. I am surrounded by love and laughter, a great family, awesome friends, space and time in which to be creative, the chance to be at home with my babies, and help out at school and preschool. When I was tagged to list five things I wish for this […]

reverb12 :: day 9 :: books

I do love that today’s prompt is asking about favourite books, as I was planning a post about “books to read” after a blog archive read brought up lots of posts from the 2009 50/50 reading challenge. Sadly, I haven’t read nearly as much as I would like to this year, instead my time has been channelled in other directions, […]

Bloggers Boogie :: 1972 edition

A dear friend is celebrating her fortieth birthday this weekend, so I thought it’s as good a theme as any! HOW IT WORKS: Blog up to five songs between Saturday lunchtime and Sunday lunchtime in your local timezone. Any theme. Any reason. Doesn’t matter. You decide. Or if you have done a music post during the week, that’s ok too, […]