plus one

“I know you prefer messaging, but this deserves a phone call”, my friend said when I answered the phone, just a couple of hours after we’d last chatted in person. I’d spent a lovely twenty minutes snuggling her brand new baby, rocking him to sleep and clucking over the tiny noises and adorable faces he was pulling in his dreams. […]

gnomewards bound

I have a nasty habit, over overestimating how much I can get done on holidays, and underestimating how much adulting I will be required to do on those days where I think I have nothing on the agenda besides pleasing myself. Tiny house life throws another curve ball in the mix – one room, one table, six people with projects […]

CULTIVATE better habits

Something I’ve learned over many years of crafting, blogging, large projects and big goals, is I thrive with accountability. On the podcast last season, we chatted about personality types, and during planning, I mentioned to Car that on the “four tendencies” spectrum, I was firmly in Obliger territory. While I can’t remember the exact phrasing she used in response, the […]

weather report

With a new year, comes a new rush of project energy. It’s the time of year I feel like I can commit to allll the daily projects, or at least two of them. One I’ve barely mentioned even to my main craft chat, for fear of spooking my brain, and having said brain convince me it’s a bad idea. (Clearly […]

CULTIVATE a joyful life

With three years of “uncertain” and “unprecedented” times behind us, and a year of change and unpredictability ahead, trying to narrow down a word to keep me grounded and focused has been hard. Nothing has quite hit the spot, to encompass all I want this year to be, the growth I want to invite, the projects I want to lose […]