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Pencil Roll Tutorial

As promised, I’m back with a tutorial for a pencil roll I made a while back. It holds 10 pencils plus a notepad. I used Staedler Maxi Learner’s pencils, for two reasons. One, they are nice & chunky for little hands, and two, they are the only Australian Made pencils I could find. MATERIALS: Outer fabric – 2 peices cut 15.5″ x 8.5″ Inner fabric –

More pencil rolls…

A couple of special little girls we know are turning two this week, so I raided my stash, and dug out the leftovers from the apron I made for my mother-in-law to make a couple of little pencil rolls. Both are slightly different to each other, and to the last pencil roll I made. These rolls hold 10 pencils, and are nice & compact. The

Pencil roll

One of Bear’s little friends has just turned two, and I was at a loss as to what to get him. He is one of these children that has everything. So when I saw some very cute pencil/texta/crayon rolls appearing on a few of the blogs I read, I figured I could kill two birds with one stone – a unique gift, plus the opportunity

rolling rolling rolling

This pencil roll was a little side project I was puttering along with last week, in amongst everything else. It came about after I got a message via Facebook, asking if I made the rolls to sell, by a lovely UK lady who’d found my blog, and a post where I’d made pencil rolls using this fabric previously. I bought this fabric around 4 years

…mini stationery case…


It’s funny, how in my last post I felt like all I was posting was a backlog of challenge projects, and nothing much in the way of real-time, what-I’m-making kind of posts. And then a project falls in my lap and we bust out a project in a morning. So what I had planned to share today, from last week’s craftiness, has instead been bumped


             DreamCake mug rug Ribbon board/hairclip holder Digger/Bulldozer softie with pattern printable Pencil roll with notepad

fly little butterfly

  I gleefully posted up a photo on Facebook, of Butterfly’s vintage-bowling-ball-inspired overnighter that I designed/made, as I do with most things I make. And my notifications EXPLODED. Including a note from a friend – “So cute. I’ll order one in blue and one in green”. O.M.G. “Are you for real?” I asked, as in, wow, someone thinks they are worth buying? But of course,

the last day

I adore school holidays. All three of my babies home, and all mine for two whole weeks. And lately, their daddy as well. But Monday saw a return to our normal daily lives. Almost. Boy2 was at preschool, but Bear had a pupil free day. We pottered about and played, Bear and Butterfly found a storage tub that had been left out in the rain

Farewell little ones… hello terrible twos!

With just a touch of melancholy on mummy’s behalf, Bear attended what I believe is the last second birthday party in his little circle of friends. I still struggle with the notion that the next round of birthday parties my big boy goes to with be for three-year-olds. Preschoolers.   So in a nod to tradition, I made the birthday boy a crayon roll. All

Another change mat

So the secret project I teased you with last post has been finished & passed on to it’s recipient this morning.   A simple little snails trail change mat, made from fabric leftover from the apron I made for my mother-in-law, and that I also used to make a couple of pencil rolls. I have a small amount left, which I am hoping should be