2::20 ~ Mars Bar Slice

OCCASSION: I was hosting craft group. And felt like chocolate.

BRIEF & RATIONALE: Chocolate. Something sweet, and preferably a slice that is easy to eat without a lot of mess.

SOURCE: Taste.com.au

EASE OF MAKING: 8/10 – melting of chocolate required.

CHILD FRIENDLY? Yes-ish – the melted chocolate can be hot, but with care, the children had a little turn at mixing. And the returned to eating the rice bubbles that had landed on the bench. And the chocolate off the chopping board.


TASTE: 11.5/10. I took off a point because some bugger ate the last piece and I couldn’t be assured as to it’s taste integrity. NO, HUSBAND, IT WASN’T ME.

FINAL VERDICT: Added to the high rotation list. Super yummy, only downfall is it leaves ricebubbles in the cupboard, which small people then want for breakfast. Meaning a new packet of rice bubbles every time, so it requires some forethought, but worth it!


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