3::20 ~ cinnamon palmiers

OCCASSION: I was home alone. I was hungry. The cupboard was decidedly lacking in yummy sweet things.

BRIEF & RATIONALE: Must be sweet. And easy. As little prep time and clean up as possible. I’m lazy like that.

SOURCE: I got the original process from a Woman’s Weekly book called “Sweet Old Fashioned Favourites”. I originally adapted it to work with a single sheet of pastry for a mini snack batch, and then added cinnamon after seeing a friend do similar.

EASE OF MAKING: 10/10. Sprinkle, fold roll, repeat. Chill, chop, bake.

CHILD FRIENDLY? Yes, except they try and pinch the leftover pastry.

REALITY V COOKBOOK: Almost. But they don’t last long enough to worry too much about what they look like.

TASTE: 11/10.

FINAL VERDICT: Awesome value for effort, and a wonderful spur of the moment snack. A firm high rotation fave around here!



    • says

      About half as good as they taste!! My adapted method isn’t quite as pretty as the cook book version, but they taste as good and are super quick with just the perfect amount, so I can live with slightly-less-than-pretty!

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