4::20 ~ chocolate crackles

OCCASSION: holidays, baybee!

BRIEF & RATIONALE: the recipe was on the box of rice bubbles when we made mars bar slice, and the small people nagged, er, suggested I make them.

SOURCE: Rice bubble box.


CHILD FRIENDLY? Yes (melted ingredients)

REALITY V COOKBOOK: 6/10 – all my copha mix seems to sink to the bottom, so they weren’t as chocolatey as they should have been.

TASTE: 9/10 – even allowing for lack of coating, I’m not a big fan of the texture of Copha.

FINAL VERDICT: Awesome party food/sometimes holiday food. What child doesn’t like chocolate crackles??



  1. says

    We made these a few weeks ago and they are awesome and great because they are so quick. We constantly stir the mixture as we fill the patty pans which does help.

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