I can sing a rainbow.

Remember a little sneak peek last week? Well, that little peeky belonged to this little birds nest necklace:

A rainbow for the colourful Miss Bacoon. One of my quilt camp gifties, I was reluctant to reveal too much, especially the colour, as she is a rainbow girl. The quilts she creates using the whole spectrum of colour are stunning. I will confess, there was a minor moment of panic, when, with her gift completed, based on her well documented love of rainbows, I asked on Facebook for favourite colours for a couple of gifts yet to complete. And she answered “purple”. Uh-oh. Purple? Not Rainbow? Not “I love all colours”? Should I make another, or would she be happy with this one?? In the end, I decided rainbow it was, and she did seem to like it, so we’ll call it a win.

The normal Tuesday craziness is slowly subsiding, and the muggy cloying heat is mulitplying the post camp lethargy. I’m thinking a lazy afternoon is in order, maybe some Zentangling as the children play under the sprinkler. Baby girl is happily chatting away in her room, “resting” with her dollies, and I’m trying to find the mojo to go sand my craft cupboard. I may just find the nearest fan to collapse under, instead.


  1. Alissa says

    Seemed to like it?? I haven’t taken the thing off yet! I LOVE it!!!!!!! And I would much prefer rainbow over purple, but I thought he facebook question was for one colour, not all the colours that make the awesome! Luff you!

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