Letterpress Christmas cards {Blogtoberfest day 8}

christmas card featured

Christmas cards have been on my mind since August. Yes, August, which is crazy, because I am very much a “don’t show me Christmas products in shops until November” type of person, but I have a couple of wholesale opportunities and now is prime ordering time, so I had to be on top of things. On Friday, I had a collection slip in my mailbox,

Another finish :: altered book {blogtoberfest day 7}

book featured

Way back in April last year, AJ brought some Enid Blyton books to Camp Coochie to pass on to any of us who wanted them. I grabbed a couple because if there is one thing I love in my mixed media, it’s book pages, and the yellower and more well loved, the better! They sat on my shelf for a while, until a twitter friend

On the rebound :: a new crochet blanket {blogtoberfest day 6}

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I’m not entirely sure how it started – like most of our creative misadventures, the origin is lost in time and the depths of a ridiculously long Facebook message thread. I remember it was while we were knee deep in our respective ripple blankets, and with nary a light at the end of any tunnel, we seemed to come to the consensus that a rainbow blanket

#31minfor31days {blogtoberfest day 5}

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  Over on Instagram last week, I found the very cool “31 minutes for 31 days” challenge. The basic idea is for the whole of October, you dedicate 31 minutes to working on a mini album – and with multiple mini albums in various stages of (in)completion, it was just the challenge I need to keep the WIP-busting mojo rolling and get stuff DONE. That

Where I Stand {this week} {blogtoberfest day 4}


Week two of the school holidays, and the crafty side of things has been a bit quite, beyond a bit of crochet and some stamp carving. I also forgot to factor in a fifteen hour workday when I decided to do this whole “blog every day” thing! So day four and I’m a day behind already. But I will catch up this week. Things I’m

Pinafore upcycle :: A DIY skirt from a favourite dress

pinny upcycle featured

In the depths of my WIP box, I found a pinny. A well loved little linen pinafore from the now defunct TillyTom, made from some of my favourite Echino linen. It had lost a button, and, well, mending isn’t eaxctly one of my favourite jobs, so into the box it went for “another day”…until one day was too late and the size 1-2 pinny wouldn’t

A finished ripple appears {blogtoberfest day 1}

ripple featured

This has been a long time coming!! I first ordered the yarn for this blanket in July 2012, so it’s been around three years in the making! It’s been done in a lot of fits and spurts, the first colour repeat came together nicely, until I got stuck on whether to include a grey or not. Once I got that dealt with, I powered through

A Year of Snail Mail :: a Barefoot Challenge

a year-long send-more-mail challenge

A while back, I came across a fabulous BuzzFeed list of “17 DIYs that will inspire you to send more letters” on Pinterest that I thought sounded like a bundle of fun. I had a few people agree with me on Twitter, and so I thought it might be fun to make a challenge out of it – which hopefully might also make us all accountable and

Where I Stand {this week}


      This week has been somewhat low on the crafting, I’ve had two nights of meetings, one of birthday prep and one of work. When I have had a moment to create, I have been working on getting my Christmas card designs finished so I can get the plates made up ready to print, though I did manage to sneak in some crochet time

on decluttering, mojo and WIP busting

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The final frontier of my recent decluttering and clean-out was finishing up my studio. Yeah, that old chestnut. But enough was enough. Last week Car & I had a few craft-room-cleaning-sprints – we would catch up on Facebook, and then on the count of three, go our hardest for 15 solid minutes before reporting back. I found the first one, after 5 minutes I was