How we get in the spirit of the season {Advent Blogalong Day 4}

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I had grand plans for this week, really I did. But I ended up with small people home sick for all but 1.5 days, and here we are. Today’s post was originally planned for Wednesday, whoops!   A Christmas blog series needs a Christmassy post, right? And what better way to kick off Advent that with a little tour of Silly Season, Barefoot style? Last

Advent Blogalong :: mini shop update {day one}

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Every year, the lovely Car hosts an Advent blog-every-day challenge, and I’ve decided this year to give it a crack. While I’m not convinced I will manage EVERY day, I do hope to blog at least three times a week, and anything more is a bonus. It’s my personal penance for dropping the ball. So. Here we are. Day one. What can you expect? There

on babywearing with my baby

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It’s long been a fun game. “Mama! Slinky!” they would call, and come find me, baby (theirs, not mine), tucked under their arm, a muslin wrap trailing along behind them. They would cuddle their baby and hold their arms out while I tied up some approximation of my own sling, and off we could toddle, each wearing our own babies. For Butterfly’s recent birthday, I

on project life :: 2014 finish, 2015 catch-up, and 2016 plans

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Way back, I promised monthly project life updates. And then I posted a couple of delayed catch up updates, and then I haven’t posted in months and months about my project life album, so I don’t think it’s any surprise that I say that I have done pretty much nothing. The last couple of weeks, since my last big clean up, I have had my

send more snail mail :: month one challenge update


I am just a wee bit late in sharing an update on last month’s snail mail DIY – last month totally whacked me for six, but while I am late in the updating, I wasn’t late in getting my project finished AND I managed to get the first newsletter sent out only a couple of days late! Not sure what I’m talking about? Start here

Quilt Camp :: what I worked on

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My plan, for quilt camp, was to get a quilt top together. I packed light this year – a mere three projects. My big one was my 2012 block of the month. Each month, it would roll in, it’s little packet tempting me… c’mon, it would say, you know you want to… but there was always housework or children or other projects that demanded my

plans {fiction} {Blogtoberfest day 31}


Jo’s┬ánervous declaration of love still echoed around the kitchen, keeping Steve rooted to the spot. He knew he needed┬áto say something, the way she was peering at him, expectantly, then bashfully, the silence drawing out to the point of almost too long. Shit. This wasn’t part of the plan. She wasn’t supposed to love him back. He was in love with her, he’d known it

quilt camp 2015 :: what I gave

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Ah, camp gifts. The dilemma of what to make – with a whole year to come up with an idea and get them made, of course I would leave it until the week before camp to change my mind, decide on a new project and make seven of them. Where’s the fun in a project if you aren’t madly sewing the day before to get

easy last minute DIY Halloween masks

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Tomorrow night marks the official start to our end of year festivities. The drama school our children go to don’t do a Christmas concert, instead, they do a Halloween concert to avoid any clashes with all the other events that seem to crop up around Christmas. Generally, the children get to pick their own costumes, and the directer asks that the grown-ups consider dressing up

Quilt Camp goodie bags

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  It was just past seven, when I kissed my babies goodbye, wished my dad-slash-babysitter good luck, and headed north through the still-misty countryside. A few hours and a coffee stop later, I was turning off the highway and into the edges of the National Park. This year, I was the first to arrive by around 45 minutes, which gave me a chance to snaffle