…let them eat cake…

The days are long, but the years are short, someone once told me when I was in the trenches of toddlers and newborns and wondering if I would ever sleep again. Blogging long term feels a bit like that. Time slides on by, and then without realising, so so much time has gone by. A full decade ago, I wrote […]

…mason jar cookie gifts…

Last Christmas, influenced by my own increasing overwhelm at the sheer amount of stuff in our home, I wanted to do something more experience-based for our nieces, rather than a gift that my sister-in-law would have to find a home for and trip over for the next six months (quite possibly I am projecting my own toy-avalanche experience…) Obviously, we […]

…jaffa crackles – recipe…

  There are very few downsides to homeschooling. We get to get up when we want, have a cruisy brekkie to ease in to the day, and then get our chores done and hook into school in the morning and spend our afternoons as we please. I get my babies with me as much as I like. We can make […]

Birthday season 2015 {blogtoberfest day 9}

Tomorrow, my tiny girl turns five. FIVE! She is full of chatter and so excited to be going to big school, that yesterday we made her a calendar to cross off each day until February and her first day. I am about to hit the kitchen to bake her cake, when it struck me, I hadn’t yet shared the boy’s […]

choc chip pretzels {Blogtoberfest day 24}

Oh my gosh, you guys, these things are the bees knees. The ducks nuts. The… I don’t know. But they are AWESOME. During the week a friend posted about making pretzels and kindly coughed up the recipe. There was nothing much doing that afternoon, so, while the baby slept, in between my housewifing and procrastinating on the housewifing, I got […]

A Fairy Farewell to Birthday Season {blogtoberfest day 18}

Yesterday, Butterfly and 6 little friends spent the afternoon playing and chatting and enjoying themselves as only four years old girls can, for her birthday party, and the final stop on the 2014 Birthday Train.   We played Pin The Wings On The Fairy. No I wasn’t still painting this an hour before the party, why would you suggest such […]

Birthday season :: part two

oh boy, what a week it has been! This is by far the biggest week of our year, the 7 days between Bear’s birthday and Boy2’s, which also generally falls in the last week or two of term, and the craziness that that brings. On top of the 30 cupcakes I made for him to take to school, I also […]

Beetle turns one!!!

How on earth did that happen? It seems a mere moment ago I sat cradling a minutes old newborn, blinking his big blue eyes at me and trying to work out exactly how he got here when he was so nice and cozy, and yet suddenly, a year has passed, and those big blue eyes are full of mischief and […]

Lemonade Scones

There’s something about Fridays that has me reached for the comfort food. We laze about after school. We knock about the backyard, and fiddle with Lego. Every few weeks I decide cooking dinner is too much of an effort and get takeaway. And this Friday just gone, I had cream in the fridge that demanded to be used, and that […]