today she is two.

She was in a rush, our little girl. 1 hour and 9 minutes from the first contraction, I scooped her into my arms, and held her tight as I tumbled headlong into deep consuming love for this precious soul we’d been entrusted with. She’s cute, and clever, and talkative. She toilet trained herself at 15 months, she talks in full sentences, she runs rings round

8::20 ~ chocolate pretzels

OCCASSION: Date night! BRIEF & RATIONALE: Discovered this taste sensation in Sydney for Camp K, and it was a party in my mouth. SOURCE: It’s not exactly rocket science. Melt chocolate, add pretzel. EASE OF MAKING: 9/10. Messier than expected. CHILD FRIENDLY? Hot chocolate, plus the buggers want to taste test! REALITY V COOKBOOK:6/10. Mine were messier than the commercial version. TASTE: 13/10. FINAL VERDICT:

And now he is six.

He loves Lego and aeroplanes. Lego aeroplanes will bring on an involuntary box-kissing response. He is a kind and loving big brother. He is a reader, a think, a learner. He is wise beyond his years. He loves school. Somehow, I have blinked, and my baby is a baby no longer a baby, but a small boy, who no longer belongs to me alone, but

7::20 ~ sour cream coffee cake

OCCASSION: I felt like cake. BRIEF & RATIONALE: While grocery shopping, I spied organic sour cream from my favourite dairy. And thought why the heck not? SOURCE: Baking Essentials. EASE OF MAKING: 6/10. CHILD FRIENDLY? The recipe uses instant coffee (one teaspoon in the whole cake), so personal preference. Not child friendly in the making – creaming and folding gently does not make for a

6::20 ~ melting moments

OCCASSION: we wanted to make something for daddy’s birthday that wasn’t a cake (he didn’t want a cake on the day) BRIEF & RATIONALE: I’d been to the bakery, and was tempted to buy a melting moment. Then I saw they were $2 each, so I made them myself. SOURCE: AWW Sweet Old Fashioned Favourites. EASE OF MAKING: 7/10. CHILD FRIENDLY? Mainly mix master based,

5::20 ~ Turkish Delight Slice {including recipe}

OCCASSION: A stroke of genius, really. Just to put it modestly. BRIEF & RATIONALE: I made Mars Bar Slice. I thought it might go well using Turkish Delight instead. SOURCE: My own recipe – see under the picture. EASE OF MAKING: 10/10. Be lazy like me and you’ll only have one bowl and one slice pan to stick in the dishwasher. Winning. CHILD FRIENDLY? Depends

4::20 ~ chocolate crackles

OCCASSION: holidays, baybee! BRIEF & RATIONALE: the recipe was on the box of rice bubbles when we made mars bar slice, and the small people nagged, er, suggested I make them. SOURCE: Rice bubble box. EASE OF MAKING: 9/10 CHILD FRIENDLY? Yes (melted ingredients) REALITY V COOKBOOK: 6/10 – all my copha mix seems to sink to the bottom, so they weren’t as chocolatey as

P. A. R. T. Y.

Oh yes we will! There was a very special birthday around here over the weekend, one ending with a ZERO. A very wise woman once said, it seems worse to see it in print, so I won’t name the person or the number, except to say she’s a pretty awesome lady, and I love her to the moon and back. This birthday was, to us,

3::20 ~ cinnamon palmiers

OCCASSION: I was home alone. I was hungry. The cupboard was decidedly lacking in yummy sweet things. BRIEF & RATIONALE: Must be sweet. And easy. As little prep time and clean up as possible. I’m lazy like that. SOURCE: I got the original process from a Woman’s Weekly book called “Sweet Old Fashioned Favourites”. I originally adapted it to work with a single sheet of

2::20 ~ Mars Bar Slice

OCCASSION: I was hosting craft group. And felt like chocolate. BRIEF & RATIONALE: Chocolate. Something sweet, and preferably a slice that is easy to eat without a lot of mess. SOURCE: EASE OF MAKING: 8/10 – melting of chocolate required. CHILD FRIENDLY? Yes-ish – the melted chocolate can be hot, but with care, the children had a little turn at mixing. And the returned