and bracelet makes three

beaded crystal bracelet

A lazy Saturday afternoon, and the house is all but silent. One asleep, two resting, one with Daddy doing stuff. I slip on my headphones, pull up the Google hangout app and settle in for a chat with a group of lovely ladies. With this hour or so carved out of our day just for me, I was determined to make the most of it.

a girly kind of day.

As the baby sleeps, the noise that passes for the soundtrack of my life shifts. A lazy Thursday afternoon, and it’s still an hour until pick up. Just the girl and I, pottering about. It’s a new kind of normal, this almost-quiet that surrounds me. She waltzes by, lost in the music of her mind as she dances, and she twirls back to me and

how Miss Dove got her groove back.

  It seems my crafty mojo has started creeping back. The day before last, I made a long overdue start on tidying my studio. I didn’t get very fair, but that 15 minute spurt was enough to get me inspired. Yesterday, I set Boy2 up on my computer for his Reading Eggs lesson, and instead of settling in the doorway next to the computer, reading,

I can sing a rainbow.

Remember a little sneak peek last week? Well, that little peeky belonged to this little birds nest necklace: A rainbow for the colourful Miss Bacoon. One of my quilt camp gifties, I was reluctant to reveal too much, especially the colour, as she is a rainbow girl. The quilts she creates using the whole spectrum of colour are stunning. I will confess, there was a

a little thank you.

I am blessed to have such awesome friends. They make me smile, occasionally make me cry, and quite often make me addicted to crazy new crafts. A while back, one friend sent me a message – would I be interested in an old-school light meter? Um, YES PLEASE! And a few days later, a little parcel turned up. Not just a light meter, but a

Fly little birdie.

There’s a little bracelet kit that has been sitting on my shelf in my studio, tainting me. Last week, I had half an hour to myself, and so I tiptoed past the door where a small girl dozed, slipped into the studio and grabbed it. Then the hunt began for my pliers, which, it seems, are lost in the depths of the space-time continuum that

LWD goes international.

I’ve been waiting for AGES to show off this little bracelet! I posted up on my Facebook page that I was thinking of making up some bracelets to list in the etsy shop, and Meg mentioned she’d like one for her mum’s birthday. Easy as that. And next thing, I had a little parcel bundled up and winging it’s way over the Pacific to the

lady in red.

It seems a lot of my wardrobe this winter is dark with splashes of red. Red coat. Red shoes. And my new favourite piece of bling is purple. Yeah, smart move. So when I ordered the beads for a commissioned bracelet, I slipped in some cute gem toned Czech glass beads, and some cracked glass beads in blues and reds. I know. I’m on a

swapsy changy

  This is a little something I made for Anna as part of a Mothers Day swap – a little peas-in-a-pod wrist pincushion (something made), a box of yummy Lindt balls (a treat), and a beaded stitch marker (something senders choice) because I know she is just joining the rest of us in the addiction that is crochet!   Friday is here, and we are

a creative life.

When I was younger, I used to play a game. In my game, I was grown up, and I had at my disposal a full array of art & craft supplies, to rival the largest art store. I had paints and beads and fabric and brushes and paper. It was all stored neatly in a large chest, which now as an adult, realising how much