…writers block…

Over the weekend, I started to write a blog post. By “started”, I mean I uploaded a photo and then stared at the white text box, not sure where to start. After a while, I figured it was a lost cause, and went in search of an old blog post that I knew I wanted to link into the one […]

Periscope :: my DIY phone tripod

  How fun is Periscope? For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, it’s The New Thing in social media apps – developed by Twitter, it is a mobile-based video streaming app. You log in, hit start broadcast, and start talking. One of my biggest problems early on was working out how to get my phone […]

Barefoot Behind the Scenes :: Branding

My editorial calendar tells me today I should be talking to you about Project Life and where I’m up to. Which would be all well and good if I actually had something to show you that was different from last month’s update. I am hoping to make the most of the long weekend and get three months (*blush*) worth of […]