…home-made pom-poms :: advent blogalong day5…


When I was creating our advent list, I tried to create a mix of stuff I knew they liked, stuff that was new and required a new skill, and stuff that was new and was easy to pick up for a quick afternoon chill out. One of the activities that fell into the third category, was pompom making. I had green yarn in my stash,

…make all the things challenge – metal…


  A few weeks back, our community college advertised a workshop with a local silversmith, to make our own silver ring. If you’ve been around here for any length of time, the only think I like better than starting a new project, is learning a new craft! So I jumped on the chance, and had a lovely couple of evenings working away. We used jewellers

…pocket money cashbooks…


One of the things I’ve found hardest to manage in this almost-cashless society of ours, isn’t coming across that one little shop that doesn’t have eftpos, but something a lot closer to home…pocket money. Because I don’t really carry cash these days, to pay out the kids pocket money involves a trip to the bank, looking like a dork asking for $20 in $1 coins

… easy felt crowns…

easy felt crowns

With the advent of homeschooling in our house, my schedule had to readjust somewhat, now that I have three school aged children at home full time, along with the mini munchkin. One activity that we still attend is our church playgroup that I help run each week, which the big boys like to help out with as well. But like the mean old mummy I

…travel planner…


It’s a pretty regular occurance around here, to pick up sticks come mid-year, and hit the road for a month in our camper trailer, in search of adventure, red dirt and warmth. This, of course, is a pretty decent excuse to get my craft on and make alllll the things, like quilts and bags and bags and bags (spoiler alert – there’s another set or

…quilt camp – what I gave…


I love giving handmade gifts. If you’ve been around the blog for any length of time, this is not exactly news. New baby? Make a gift. Birthday? Make a gift. Quilt Camp shenanigans? MAKE ALL THE GIFTS. I started a secret Pinterest board a few months ago, because I’m a shocker for coming up with The Best Gifty Ever…and promptly forgetting it. This year I

…quilt camp gifties – what I received…


A tradition that started way back at our first camp in 2011, was that of the quilt camp gifty. It was originally a bit like a secret Santa, as we first were going on camp in November, and now we’ve moved camp to October, we continue on just for the fun of it. The rules are simple. Keep it around the $5 mark. Handmade or

…31 minutes update…


31 minutes a day, sounds pretty easy, right? A week into the month and I’m all over this challenge! And getting so much done! I’m really enjoying carving out a slice of time during the day (or evening) just for my own fun – especially now we are homeschooling, and mama-centric time is at an all-time premium! I’ve actually become very protective over it, and

…what’s old is new again…

make all the things

After a full year away from this space, what brought me back? To tell you the truth, I wasn’t sure I would come back. The longer the time passed, the harder it felt to just start. Life since my last post in September last year was insane. A 6 week stint working a whole lot on my photography business. Then school holidays, then came four

Dear Santa {free printable}

santa featured

  Our Friday activity in our Advent calendar was to write letters to Santa. I’d seen a few templates floating about, but of course, nothing is that simple for me, so Friday I sat down and spent some time in Photoshop to create one of my own. My biggest gripe with a lot of them was the focus on naughty vs nice, which isn’t something