I’ve been behind…

I know, I’m very sorry, but I’ve been busy working towards   My Brand New Etsy shop!   There’s some art-based stationery there at the minute, and lots more crafty, sewing & arty type of things in the pipeline.

crash and burn

yeah, I know I promised a post a day but this week has been crazy busy. Next week will be huge, promise!

Fantastic Friday

Another beautiful day awaits, some much to do, so little time! Our schedule today is pretty laid back, but there’s a fair bit I hope to do. First stop, unfortunately, is the housework. *sigh* The housework fairies appear to take holidays at Christmas time, leaving the work to yours truly. But after that, there’s games to be played, swings to be swung, books to be

Happy New Year!

Thank you for taking the time to stop by my blog, and for leaving comments – it means a lot to me! Wishing you all a wonderful, happy, healthy, properous & creative 2009!   (And just because I can’t finish a post without a photo, here’s a pic of some bikkies I made the other day – unfortunately, we seem to have a biscuit monster

Eeek! 10 days until Christmas!

And someone who shall remain nameless is a tad unorganised! So please forgive my lack of blogging this past week (’cause I know you all have nothing more to do than hang breathlessly of my every post, right? Huh? what? You have a life? Oh. How embarrassing…), but I’ve been a tad busy. I was working, I was Christmas-partying my way ’round the morning tea

One of life’s mysteries…

I decided on Saturday morning that my studio needed cleaning (which it did, it was a mess), and while I was going, I might just reorganise my art & craft supplies,you know, make the space more efficient. So why does the room now look worse than when I started? Hopefully the two munchkins will nap at the same time this afternoon, and I can finish

Another Tag…

From Vanilla this time!   1. Where is your mobile phone? Buried in the bottom of the nappy bag, where I can’t really hear it, and miss almost every call I recieve (which averages out to about 1 per fortnight, and certain to be from my husband!) 2. Where is your significant other? At work, so I’m told. 3. Your hair color? Blonde, tending towards


I’ve been tagged by Shannon, quite a while ago now, but it’s quite a hard one. The Rules: 1. Link to the person who tagged you. 2. List 5 things that could make your life very different should it come true. 3. Tag 5 other people.   If…   … I had have gone to uni straight out of school as planned, I wouldn’t have

It’s a boy!

For those who are as yet unaware, our beautiful second son arrived safe & sound on the morning of September 22 – four days overdue. All went smoothly, and almost a neat 12 hours after my first contraction, I got the VBAC I had been longing for for two years, and gave birth to a little boy, the spitting image of his big brother, though

Just when you think someone is your friend…

… they go and do somethign truly evil. Yes, Car, I’m talking about you! The very nasty nasty Car blogged about Dairy Milk Clinker blocks. Add to that a heavily pregnant chocaholic, a trip to Coles, and one ends up with a bit of an issue.   You see, I toddled off to Coles this morning, in need of some milk, and accidently managed to