Where I Stand {this week} {blogtoberfest day 4}


Week two of the school holidays, and the crafty side of things has been a bit quite, beyond a bit of crochet and some stamp carving. I also forgot to factor in a fifteen hour workday when I decided to do this whole “blog every day” thing! So day four and I’m a day behind already. But I will catch up this week. Things I’m

A Year of Snail Mail :: a Barefoot Challenge

a year-long send-more-mail challenge

A while back, I came across a fabulous BuzzFeed list of “17 DIYs that will inspire you to send more letters” on Pinterest that I thought sounded like a bundle of fun. I had a few people agree with me on Twitter, and so I thought it might be fun to make a challenge out of it – which hopefully might also make us all accountable and

on decluttering, mojo and WIP busting

wip busting featured

The final frontier of my recent decluttering and clean-out was finishing up my studio. Yeah, that old chestnut. But enough was enough. Last week Car & I had a few craft-room-cleaning-sprints – we would catch up on Facebook, and then on the count of three, go our hardest for 15 solid minutes before reporting back. I found the first one, after 5 minutes I was

Where I Stand {this week}


   this week I am: Sick of my family being sick. The latest bug doing the rounds has knocked my little people sideways – Boy2 and I are the only ones (so far) to not get it.  Loving Lino printing. Print and carve alllll the things.  Eating birthday cake in an attempt to get rid of it all before the next birthday hits  Running a

where I stand {this week}


            This week has been a quiet one – two very sick little boys wanting their mama around has left me with very limited crafting time – or time for anything really. I have almost finished a cowl. I have started making notes for a potential market stall. I’ve started a design commission, and a lettering commission and almost finished my Christmas

on becoming minimalist (when you are a craft supplies hoarder)

feature minimalist

A month ago, we packed our bags, and spent four weeks living in a camper trailer. Not a caravan, but a tent on wheels. Storage was a delicately negotiated compromise. We had one bag each. A bag for towels. A reusable shopping bag for the kids toys. The same for my craft gear. As far as personal possessions go, you could add in my camera and

On organisation, road trip style 

road trip featured

Next weekend, we will load our tribe of tiny people into the car, hitch up the camper trailer and point the car north, in pursuit of adventure and warmer climes. We will spend four weeks on the road, covering 8500km over 5 states. As you can imagine, there is more than a little bit of organisation and planning involved in getting us out the door

On planning & staying organised :: life planner {update}

planner feature

I read an article, the other week, about how the “baby brain” phenomena is real (duh, says every mother in the world), and it can last up to TEN YEARS. That explains an awful lot, really. My memory is terrible. Random trivia I can remember no worries, but book myself a haircut and if it’s not in the diary within 5 minutes, it isn’t happening.

Barefoot Behind the Scenes :: Branding

behind the scenes featured

My editorial calendar tells me today I should be talking to you about Project Life and where I’m up to. Which would be all well and good if I actually had something to show you that was different from last month’s update. I am hoping to make the most of the long weekend and get three months (*blush*) worth of photos printed and into the

Where I Stand {this week}

Do you ever have that moment when you find a parcel in the mail and your first reaction is "oh no what on earth have I ordered now and how am I going to explain this to the mister"?? No? Just me? Thankfully today wasn't a product of a lapsed memory but a delightful surprise that my superior sleuthing skills (read: checking the postmark) have led me to deduce is via the beautiful @islandkylie - thank you my friend  xx

  This week I am: Reading: Tina Fey’s BossyPants, Make Good Art Listening to: this mashup on repeat Making: bags. So. Many. Bags. Eating: Cadbury’s Salted Caramel Chocolate. No I haven’t tried the vegemite one. Nor do I plan to, because I don’t hate myself that much Planning: a roadtrip and more projects than is humanly possible to fit into the next five weeks Enjoying