custom thread minders {commission}

custom thread minders

“Hey Rachy”, the message started. When it comes to messages from Car, such an opening is either an idea that will lead me into shenanigans, or into a new craft that will cost me a lot of money. Often, it’s both. A bad influence, that girl is. On this occassion, however, it was a new project – would I be interested in making her a

where I stand {this week}


   It has really been such a lovely week. I’ve managed a heap of crafty time,including trying a couple of new things and starting – and frogging – a new project. On the home  front, we’ve hung out with friends, the smalls and I have had some fun at home. Just a really good week. What my barefoot wanderings have found this week:

A non-handy girl’s guide to a DIY Pegboard


In the last week of the school holidays, four small people packed their bags, filled nanny’s little car with car seats & tiny bodies, and abandoned me to four days of hysterical sobbing & loneliness. Somehow, I managed to dig deep, wipe the tears from my eyes and make a list. A LONG list. Four whole days to myself! Where to start? With a celebratory

Where I Stand {this week}

Mod #3 for my #storytimesampler - switched out the purple for the variegated brown Weeks in my kit to give it that weathered feel #crossstitch #frostedpumpkinstitchery

This week was HUGE – a brand new look & a brand new name! Thanks to everyone who has stopped by & left such wonderful feedback! I’m glad you are all liking it as much as me.   Things my barefoot wanderings around the interwebs led me to: A fun pie chart tutorial – I can’t wait to try this in my Project Life layouts

on going barefoot {plus a free planning printable}

on changing a blogs identity

So. Why the change? While a rebrand wasn’t something I was actively looking for, I’d been gradually feeling that I was outgrowing my previous identity. Nothing definite, but just not quite right. But with nothing else really striking me (which, to be honest, I wasn’t exactly putting a great deal of thought into), I just allowed it to simmer along in the background. Until, one

busy bees


Before Christmas, Beetle & I spent one of our big-sibling-free mornings cruising the local op-shops – I had a project in mind, you see, something I’m sure would surprise, um, no one. I wasn’t having much luck finding some of the bits & pieces I was looking for, and just generally browsing, when I found some cute little glasses for 50 cents each, and a

customised keyrings {commission}


A month or two before Christmas last year, I got a text. “Hello, my wonderful, lovely, crafty, clever friend…” (or words to that effect), it started, and I giggled as I knew what was coming. A little photo and some more sucking up, followed by a request – could I make two personalised keyrings, and how much? We-he-hell… a new project, and I’m going to

must make 2015

  A must make list is always a dangerous idea for me – a bit like a must finish list (let’s not talk about how I went with my 2014 Kick The Bucket challenge list, ok?). For those who have been here a while, you’ll know I follow my muse with a focus that would put Dory to shame (oooooo shiny!), flitting from one project

embrace {one little word 2015}


this year, I struggled to find a word that would encompass everything I wanted this year to be. It wasn’t until around the 6th that I actually decided on it. Mt word for 2015? EMBRACE. I want to embrace new ideas and new directions. I want to embrace opportunities & take chances that might scare me. I want to embrace new attitudes & embrace imperfection.

This Week

Happy new year!! We have had the most delightful couple of weeks, friends and church and family. The mister is still on holidays & we are lazing about, catching up with family, reading, crafting, & playing. Regular blogging to resume soon, but for now, I’m indulging in some much-treasured family time.