…book week 2018 – Blinky Bill Costume…


One would think, when one no longer has children at mainstream school, one would be free of bookweek costume madness. One would be wrong. It seemed like a good idea when we RSVPed to our homeschool group’s bookweek event. The three big kids were reasonably easy to kit out – one went as Willy Wonka in a recycled costume, one wanted a Deltora Quest style

…DIY Lego advent calendar :: advent blogalong day3…


A few weeks back, a friend tagged me on facebook to share a video for an epic Lego advent calender. I was already well into planning our activity advent calendar, but this idea was too cool to pass up. Simple solution? Add it in as an activity! Being a daily calendar as well, it seemed a bit strange to leave it up to chance as

…pocket money cashbooks…


One of the things I’ve found hardest to manage in this almost-cashless society of ours, isn’t coming across that one little shop that doesn’t have eftpos, but something a lot closer to home…pocket money. Because I don’t really carry cash these days, to pay out the kids pocket money involves a trip to the bank, looking like a dork asking for $20 in $1 coins

… easy felt crowns…

easy felt crowns

With the advent of homeschooling in our house, my schedule had to readjust somewhat, now that I have three school aged children at home full time, along with the mini munchkin. One activity that we still attend is our church playgroup that I help run each week, which the big boys like to help out with as well. But like the mean old mummy I

…adventures in homeschooling….


I’ve mentioned a couple of times in recent posts, that we have started homeschooling our children. I have also shared a bit of our journey over on instagram via my #thebarefoothomeschoolers hashtag.   We are three months in, and it is honestly the best decision. The children are thriving. We are all calmer. The pure desire to learn STUFF is such a delight. The flexibility

Butterfly Starts School :: paint smock

smock featued

  Even after 2 big boys grown and off to school, I still am constantly amazed at how darn quickly my tiny babes become big babes and I blink and my wee small girl is suddenly swathed in plaid, hauling a backpack almost as big as her, and wearing a grin so large it could be seen from space. Part of the adventure is I

Teachers Gifts {advent blogalong day 19}

Another year done! Where on earth has this school year gone? A quick post today, sharing a wrap-up of the gifts I made for the children’s teachers. I ended up finishing just in the nick of time – so much so that I didn’t get “real photos”!! For Bear’s teachers & class aides, he chose tea wallets, paired with some simple black & white mugs:

Dear Santa {free printable}

santa featured

  Our Friday activity in our Advent calendar was to write letters to Santa. I’d seen a few templates floating about, but of course, nothing is that simple for me, so Friday I sat down and spent some time in Photoshop to create one of my own. My biggest gripe with a lot of them was the focus on naughty vs nice, which isn’t something

On planning & staying organised :: life planner {update}

planner feature

I read an article, the other week, about how the “baby brain” phenomena is real (duh, says every mother in the world), and it can last up to TEN YEARS. That explains an awful lot, really. My memory is terrible. Random trivia I can remember no worries, but book myself a haircut and if it’s not in the diary within 5 minutes, it isn’t happening.

on persistent dreams & grown up plans

inventor dress up

It varies, from week to week, from pilot, to engineer, to inventor. Though I guess they all have an engineering kind of common thread running through them. He’s a child who loves to know how things work, who’ll question and think and question some more. As a toddler, he spoke early and spoke constantly – especially “why?”. “Why why why why but why mummy? ”