I am…

…listening to the sounds of two small boys having their second shower of the day after making mud pies. …smelling a beef casserole in the slow cooker for dinner …busting a move to some Bruno Mars …plotting and planning some crafty stuff. What are you up to this lovely afternoon?


After nearly two years of both boys having their afternoon naps together, the time came to put a stop to Bear’s nap time. Much to mummy’s disappointment, as I had become quite accustomed to my little slice of ‘me time’ of an afternoon. So to ensure our now non-sleeping boy had the energy to make it to dinner time with a minimum of tantrums, I

hello? anyone there?

I do have a valid excuse, I swear. I never meant to be away this long, but there’s something about living with your head in a bucket that kind of interferes with blogging, crafting, or just about anything, really.  But never fear, I am back! After a full four months of disappearing off the cyber-webs, I’m back, slightly rounder, ready to craft and blog my

Yes, sir, I do have a note from my mother…

Well, not really, but, dearest blog, will you forgive me for being absent for far too long? Creatively, life has been pretty flat lately, not from lack of project, nor of mojo,  but with various goings-on conspiring to keep me out of my disgustingly-untidy studio. However, on Saturday, with the realisation that the next day was mothers day, and that my sole responsibility was to produce

Tagged again!

By Tracey & Esther, to list six things that make me happy.   1) A tiny boy, sleeping peacefully (or not) in his bed (or not). I could watch him sleep for hours, his face is the picture of innocent perfection, and fails to betray the mischief that lies just beneath the surface, awaiting the wakeful hours to be unleashed upon his poor, long-suffering mother.

Toddler Craft

Is so much fun! Last week, we made a cash register: This was a huge hit, and now lives in the bottom drawer of our kitchen for easy access. It’s not really visible in the photo, but on the right hand side I have taped a ruler, as in the toddler’s world, the only way of paying for things is with a card! LOL, I