…rainbow gnomes…


One of the things I love most about our chosen homeschool curriculum, is how creative and tactile it is – perfect for a crafty mama and her creative mini humans. The joy of story telling and learning through play has been a delight to incorporate into our days. In block one, Miss Butterfly had a maths unit, which she learnt through Prince Plus and Princess

…adventures in WIP busting…


With a new burst of creative energy, comes an assessment of the rather terrible looking WIP list. There’s the 2014 & 2015 Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery block-of-the-month cross stitches. The 2012 Fat Quater Shop block-of-the-month quilt. (I’m sensing a theme here). The rainbow wave. A pair of socks. A cowl that I have now frogged. Project Life 2015 album. 2016 memory keeping in its entirety. 2017,

…end to end… 


A couple of years back, my dad built us an awesome cabinet to fill an empty wall in our living area, and hold the assorted paraphernalia that comes with wrangling a tribe of kids. It was great for keeping bags and hats and shoes somewhat contained (though it didn’t completely eliminate the 8.55 “wheeeeeere is your hat???” panics), less great was its ability to attract

…just start…

just start mixed media

I have a horrible habit of putting myself in between a rock and a hard place. I see an awesome project or a new craft and I get all excited…and then I psych myself out, because I couldn’t possibly do that and what if I muck it up and and and….y’know, not that I over think these things. One such thing was a while back,

Dear Santa {free printable}

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  Our Friday activity in our Advent calendar was to write letters to Santa. I’d seen a few templates floating about, but of course, nothing is that simple for me, so Friday I sat down and spent some time in Photoshop to create one of my own. My biggest gripe with a lot of them was the focus on naughty vs nice, which isn’t something

the creative exchange {Advent blogalong day 8}

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During the first couple of weeks in November, I applied to join the next round of #thecreativeexchange on Instagram, and around the middle of the month, a littl email arrived to tell me I was in and who I would be making for. I madly got to stalking and making ad collecting a little bundle of goodies that I ended up sending off a few

easy last minute DIY Halloween masks

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Tomorrow night marks the official start to our end of year festivities. The drama school our children go to don’t do a Christmas concert, instead, they do a Halloween concert to avoid any clashes with all the other events that seem to crop up around Christmas. Generally, the children get to pick their own costumes, and the directer asks that the grown-ups consider dressing up

#31minfor31days {blogtoberfest day 5}

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  Over on Instagram last week, I found the very cool “31 minutes for 31 days” challenge. The basic idea is for the whole of October, you dedicate 31 minutes to working on a mini album – and with multiple mini albums in various stages of (in)completion, it was just the challenge I need to keep the WIP-busting mojo rolling and get stuff DONE. That

on blog planning & pretty books

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My mojo goes in fits & spurts. Sometimes I just can’t find a groove in anything, and I have nothing to share. Or I have been working on the same thing and if I’m sick of seeing my ripple blanket every day then I’m pretty sure no-one else wants to see it constantly either. Then there’s times like now, where my ideas are like a

the handmade book {book review}

book featured april

Do you ever see a book so pretty, you want to take it home & just stare at it? This book is one of those. Sneaking down the “grown-ups” end of the library after storytime, I found my attention snagged by the spine of “the handmade book*” by Angela James. I’ve dabbled here & there in book binding (you can see the book I made