…wip wednesday – stash-busting triangle quilt…


There is a certain madness to the creativity inspired by a ridiculously full craft room, that really needs reorganising (again), and a good clean out (again). Last year, I started a 100 days project, but scanning around my craft room, I had lots of unfinished projects that for various reasons wouldn’t work, and lots of little bits and pieces of things that kind of tickled

…finally finished…


Making, it seems, begets making. Once I’m on a roll with a project, I like to get stuck in and keep it rolling…until I hit a road block and put it away for a year. But once I get the creative mojo flowing, I can generally make good progress. After getting home from quilt camp, where I had been very productive in amongst all the

…2012 BOM update…


There’s nothing quite like seeing a plan come to fruition. Way back at quilt camp in 2015, I spent the weekend getting most of the blocks of my 2012 block-of-the-month quilt. The way home saw my layout plan considered, revised, and decided…then I got home, laid it out, and my single quilt as per the kit suddenly blossomed into a queen size. Christmas 2015 saw

…improv stash busting quilt…


Once upon a time, I signed up for a block of the month quilt club. Just shy of four years after the club wrapped up, I finally finished the quilt top (don’t talk to me about the actual finishing of it…). As we all worked through our blocks, we regularly commented on how generous the fabric cuts in the packs were, with multiple mentions of

Quilted with love

disappearing nine patch quilt featured

The is something cathartic, for me, anyway, about being a crafter, when life blows up and words are nothing more than cold comfort. When emotion chokes me up and there is nothing to say, and tears wont help anyone, there is solace in being busy, in the repetitive rhythm of cutting and pressing and stitching and DOING. A very small doing, in the scheme of

on decluttering, mojo and WIP busting

wip busting featured

The final frontier of my recent decluttering and clean-out was finishing up my studio. Yeah, that old chestnut. But enough was enough. Last week Car & I had a few craft-room-cleaning-sprints – we would catch up on Facebook, and then on the count of three, go our hardest for 15 solid minutes before reporting back. I found the first one, after 5 minutes I was

on camping and quilts

camp quilt featured

In among the madness of getting our bags finished in time to pack to go away, I was also trying to get a quilt made. It was started around a similar time as the bags – four weeks pre-trip. I had a layer cake and two charm packs I planned to use, and after lots of back and forth on the design, I settled on

Kissing Fish AKA The Aussie Aviatrix Quiltalong

aviatrix feature

I am so excited to finally be able to show you this quilt. I have shared the centre medallion previously, but have had the final photos under embargo until this week when the quiltalong wraps up.   {round of applause for the excellent quilt-holding-and-foot-modelling skills of Mr Barefoot} It is a quilt, quite literally, built on blood, sweat & tears. From the three days of

The Aussie Aviatrix Quiltalong :: Centre Medallion

Hello there! For my regular readers, welcome to day 15 (part 2) of Blogtoberfest 2014, and if you are new here as part of the Aussie Aviatrix Quiltalong, it’s lovely to see you! If you’ve blogged about your own Aviatrix quilt. why not join in the Aussie WIP Wednesday and show it off? Today,  I’m excited to be kicking off the sewing portion of the

incoming prettiness – charm swaps {blogotberfest day 7}

I realised, as I planned out potential posts to see whether Blogtoberfest was a thing I could do (31 posts? Where on earth was I going to find enough time to make enough projects to make it happen?), that I have yet to blog about not one, but two charm swaps I’ve been involved in this year. It took me a while to decide to