The Aussie WIP Wednesday

One of my favourite things that’s quickly coming out of running the Aussie WIP Wednesday is that it’s giving me a good kick to actually DO something on my WIPs so I have something to show you! Yesterday, with the big children off to nanny and poppy’s for a sleepover, and the grumpy baby tucked up in bed asleep, I pottered about the studio. A

spring dolls quilt

Oh man I am ever so late in blogging this! The lovely AJ organised a dolls quilt swap last year, with a random draw recipient after all quilts were received and and open theme of “spring” I pulled my inspiration from Pinterest, and using this pattern¬†(pinned here)¬†that I purchased as a starting point, I extended the outside and added in this pattern (a free download

a rush of a quilt

I must admit, I’m not stranger to flashes of inspiration followed by bursts of insane productivity resulting in a final outcome within a short space of time from the initial idea. One such flash hit me in January, when I decided one Sunday night that I would make a quilt for our neighbour who was due to move away. On Tuesday. I’ve done this quilt-in-a-day

teacher mug rugs

One each for the two main teachers Bear had last year, one each for the two release teachers, and one for the teachers aide. Five gifts to make. Not too onerous, you wouldn’t think. Except end of year hit me hard, and I found myself cutting it fine. How fine? See that ridiculously dodgy phone pic at the bottom, with three mug rugs in it?

lights, camera, action

As everything starts winding up for the year, I love looking back over the past 12 months and seeing the shifts in our family. One big shift this year has been watching the boys blossom in their confidence. Partly to do with Bear being at school, and Boy2 finding his feet in a world not dominated by his big brother, but also partly to do

Teddy Pillow & Quilt + tutorial {Cushion for Christmas blog hop}

Hello everyone! Welcome to day five of the Ms Midge Cushion for Christmas blog hop! I’m glad to be a part of this fun Christmas project, and I hope you like the little gift set I have for you today. I decided to make my cushion a small teddy/dolls pillow, and as an added bonus, a matching mini quilt, to make a cute little set

i spy, with my little eye…

…a special gift for a special boy. Sometimes, things happen that knock you sideways, and leave you breathless. A week before Christmas, I received such a message. I had to read it twice, and still, I struggled to make sense of a seemingly well little boy, one my children had played with not a week earlier, suddenly whisked away and ensconced in hospital. Then it

Block of the Month. In theory.

It seemed like a good idea. Every month I’d get a pretty packet, and make up a block. How hard could it be to do one block in a month? Yeah, famous last words. I now have 8 pretty packets sitting in my BOM drawer. At least, four of them, I have opened. When I first signed up for the BOM, someone asked who was

how many quilts can a quilter quilt, when the quilter needs to quilt?

It was one of those “oh drats” moments, really. A last minute invitation to afternoon tea saw me adding “make a mug rug” to my Friday to-do list, and somehow it was 2.15 before I reached that part of my list. With 45 minutes until I needed to leave, I grabbed some fabric and started cutting. 35 minutes later, I had a mug rug. {please

EQDQS2012 :: the reveal.

I have to say, this time, I’ve been quite impressed by Australia Post. I’ve been burnt BADLY by them in the past, but on Friday, I popped into my local, rural Northern NSW post office to entrust our national carrier of hard copy information with a little quilt that I’d been working on, and despite being told that even with express post, it wouldn’t get