DIY band looms

So far, we have been lucky to avoid the rainbow loom craze. But, as they say, all good things must come to an end. A birthday party at the start of the holidays got Bear hooked on it, and by association, Boy2. We did a tour of the shops directly after the party, and again the next day, but there […]

we’re going on an egg hunt…

…we’re going find some pretty ones…   School holidays + Easter = lots of eggy crafts. A visit to Nanny & Poppy’s house saw the small people come home laden with handmade chocolates, and painted pottery eggs. We’ve already made cheesecake eggs (and I refuse to confirm or deny the current consumption status of such), and so the last one […]

the circle continues

Bear has been desperate to learn to knit for a month or so now. So with Boy2 back at preschool, and a bonus day holiday thanks to a pupil free day (bless you, new national curriculum), we hit up the craft shop, found some chunky yarn and bamboo needles, and merrily tucked ourselves up on the daybed, to get down […]

or not…

St Nicholas’ gift for our Butterfly – a little Seedling kit with a decorate-yourself butterfly. Super cute. Less so when you find red glitter glue streaking the dog’s fur. A good idea after all?     A quick post today, as it’s holiday mode and I’m holding my babies close. They are happy playing lego at the minute, so I’m […]

dig dig dig

Boy2 is dinosaur mad. He also loves diggers, and craft. So when “Can we do craft?” was answered with “sure, what should we make?”, he declared that “baby ‘wos-ah-wapter” (velociraptor) wanted a digger. Quite possibly, baby wos-ah-waptor is a wee big small to dig on his own, and with a long box that I’d had a backdrop delivered in, drooping […]


It came with a loaf of bread from the local bakery, back when the boys were first obsessed with Alvin, Simon and Theodore. Little Miss Butterfly found it yesterday, and is smitten with the “chipmonkey wif hooood. Gwasses. He he he, chipmonkey tail!”. It has been going everywhere with her. So in a fit of craftiness this morning, we pulled […]

this is the way we make a mess.

Foot painting has long been a favourite inside activity of ours. The squishiness of paint oozing between your toes, the twist and slide as you hit a bit where the paint is thicker than you thought, the giggles of small boys watching their feet change colour and the paper become covered in foot prints. So when the glorious spring days […]

let’s go for a walk.

Since he was tiny, Bear’s constant companion has been his Pooh Bear. Sadly, Pooh Bear mk I disappeared, but Pooh Bear mk II is just as dearly loved. Throughout the last few years, many of our craft projects have revolved around making things for Pooh Bear. The one thing we haven’t yet mastered, is a pram for Pooh Bear. Last […]


With Bear at school, has come the usual flurry of events, including multiple dress-up days. The first one was nursery rhyme day, and the boy wanted to be Humpty Dumpty. Ah-ha, said I, thinking a white bowl on his head, some yellow face paint, and he can be a post-Wall Humpty. Nope. “I want to be a Humpty Dumpty with […]

the last day

I adore school holidays. All three of my babies home, and all mine for two whole weeks. And lately, their daddy as well. But Monday saw a return to our normal daily lives. Almost. Boy2 was at preschool, but Bear had a pupil free day. We pottered about and played, Bear and Butterfly found a storage tub that had been […]