…wip wednesday…


The joy of school break is that I suddenly have all this “free” time that is usually consumed by school. By free time, of course, I mean snatches of 30 seconds where someone isn’t hungry or arguing over bike ownership or losing a Lego piece that is integral to their ongoing survival, so not really free in the way of being master of my own

…bible journaling – current favourites…


I’ve been trying to get back into the habit of regular bible journaling, with the help of my new morning basket. I’ve been slack this week, however, because on Sunday I took my journaling bible to church to take part in a series of interviews with various members of the congregation on how we read our bible, as part of our celebration of both Reformation

…december daily travellers notebook…


December Daily, the theory goes, is an every day memory keeping project, each day in December. As good as the theory is, I have both 2015 AND 2016 sitting in my “to finish” pile – whoops!! Once I finished my selfie minibook, I started working on my 2016 December Daily as part of my 31 minutes project. I am verging in on getting it finished,

…this week…


How is it Sunday again? Ten things from my week: -reading :: The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton was a finish this week, and I started The Time Travellers Wife for the 7000th time -listening to :: alternating between acapella pop covers on YouTube, and our burgeoning collection of classical music (we study one composer a week and end up getting our favourites on iTunes)

…quilt camp projects & wrap up…


Oh man, what a weekend! Quilt camp is always a bundle of fun, and this year was no exception. As always, I massively overpacked, and despite my good intentions, didn’t get as much done as I’d hoped for a variety of reasons, but I still managed to get a bit of crafting done, in among all the chatter and coffee breaks and walks up to

…this week…


What a week!! I know my posts have fallen off a bit – a couple I had scheduled didn’t actually post, and a few more I had planned needed to be deferred because I had stuff I needed for them on my computer…which decided this week to pack it in!! I am committed to completing Blogtober though, so will post twice a few days this

…on my bookshelf…


At the beginning of the year, I set myself a challenge to read 52 books this year. One a week. As of today, my tally on Goodreads stands at 25. One of those I’ve read twice, so 26. Halfway through the list, with only 1/4 of the year left to go. What Goodreads doesn’t count is my guilty treat…fanfiction. Add that in, and I’d be

…on selfish creativity…


I was cruising instagram yesterday, and posts started popping up about the #31minutesfor31days challenge that @kellie.winnell runs each October. The basic idea is to spend 31 minutes every day for the next 31 days, working on a project. Last time I attempted this, I worked on minibooks that needed finishing (spoiler alert – I didn’t finish). Between my newly rediscovered mojo, and my Blogtober goals,

…blogtober 2017…


Back in 2012 and also 2014, I completed Blogtoberfest (plus a partial attempt in 2015), and it was such fun. Posting daily, meeting new bloggy friends, getting immersed in the community. As far as I can find on google, there isn’t an official Blogtoberfest this year, but that’s not going to stop me!! For the next 31 days, I aim to post at least once

How we get in the spirit of the season {Advent Blogalong Day 4}

advent featured

I had grand plans for this week, really I did. But I ended up with small people home sick for all but 1.5 days, and here we are. Today’s post was originally planned for Wednesday, whoops!   A Christmas blog series needs a Christmassy post, right? And what better way to kick off Advent that with a little tour of Silly Season, Barefoot style? Last