Where I Stand {this week}


        This week I have been: Listening to Meagan Trainor and maybe dancing in my chair Watching Aressted Development on Netflix with Mr Barefoot Making all the things from yarn. Rugs, beanies, blankets.  Reading lots of blogging resources.  Planning to finish some planner page design. Loving around the Internet: I have been planning a seasonal “bucket list” for a month or so, and seeing

Where I Stand {this week}


                This week I am: Reading: Make Good Art* (it has been a busy week and my reading time is the thing that has to give first, sadly) Listening to: Say Something – getting my angst on ready to do some writing this week coming, if my to-do list behaves itself. Making: a quilt for the camper. A beanie for the boy.

May shop update

may shop feature

Someone once told me that in parenthood, the days are long and the years are short. Maybe it’s getting older. At the minute it feels like a blink & another month is gone. When I checked my editorial calendar for what I’d planned to post today, I had to check twice. Then look back at April. Surely it was too soon for this month’s shop

Where I Stand {this week}


          Happy Sunday! It’s been a busy old week, though today is looking promising for some down time to sit & cross-stitch & sew. Fun stuf I’ve found wandering barefoot around the internet this week:  This guide to branding your social media is really handy! Please excuse me while I fall down a rabbit hole of photos & editing. An interesting read on

Where I Stand {this week}


       Over on Instagram, I’ve been hosting a week-long photo a day challenge called #mybarefootweek – these photos represent the six days I’ve completed so far. It’s been fun, and I’ve loved seeing where everyone’s bare feet have taken them this week.  I’ve also been wandering around the internet and found some fun stuff: A fabulous article on urban homesteading featured on Finch

brush script {tutorial}


  {creativity requires the courage to let go of certainty – from my 100 days project on Instagram}  I am a weird mix of perfectionist & laid back. I will let minor errors slip through on a project, in the the spirit of “done is better than perfect”, but too many, or the wrong kind, and I will twitch until it’s fixed. New hobbies can

Where I Stand {this week}


                     It’s been a good week this week. Beetle had a cold, and sick baby snuggles have taken over my crafting time for a good chunk of the week, but I still managed to get a bit of stuff done – most notably February’s project life, the cover of my blog planner (pages to come this week), and two

Project Life :: February

PL featured

I sat in front of my computer a couple of weeks back, coffee in hand, baby in bed, steeling myself for the task of culling, editing & uploading February’s photos. Much to my surprise, I only ended up chosing 15 to tell the story of our month – a big change on January’s 100+. I think there are multiple factors that caused such a massive

Where I Stand {this week}


  Another week done – I can’t believe we are coming up to the last full week of March! This week I’ve slowly been hitting my stride again after a flat weekend last week, and am having so much fun in the studio. So. Many. Ideas.  Other fun stuff I’ve found as my bare feet took me around the interwebs this week: These cute