gutted :: a Car v LittleWhiteDove flash fiction challenge

The car slowed to a stop, and she dug through her bag for the scrap of paper with the address. Yes, it was the same, but was it right? Surely this couldn’t be the house she was supposed to be looking at? Reluctantly, she pulled the keys from the ignition, and locking the car, started up the path. The door hung open, and feeling faintly


She walked along the empty beach dragging her toes in the wet sand, every step leaving a trail that weaved along behind her. The dull grey of the clouds reflected her lethargy, the whole world seemingly drained of colour, happiness but a fleeting memory. Feeling watchful eyes on her, Katharina glanced over her shoulder, but she was alone. Of course she was alone, she castigated

Friday Fiction :: Jar

I have long subscribed to a blog called “One-Minute Writer“, where the idea is to be inspired by the prompt, and write something, anything, in 60 seconds. Fridays, however, are designated “Fiction Friday“, and have no time limit. This week’s Fiction Friday topic was “Jar”. The first thing that came to mind was a door, ajar. Yeah, I know, kind of a tangent. That’s the