…adventures in WIP busting…

With a new burst of creative energy, comes an assessment of the rather terrible looking WIP list. There’s the 2014 & 2015 Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery block-of-the-month cross stitches. The 2012 Fat Quater Shop block-of-the-month quilt. (I’m sensing a theme here). The rainbow wave. A pair of socks. A cowl that I have now frogged. Project Life 2015 album. 2016 memory keeping in its entirety. 2017, for that matter… and on it goes!!
The two I am focusing on at the minute, are my 2015 cross stitch, and the rainbow wave blanket.

The crossstitch I have slowly been making progress on while I sit and help the children with their homeschool lessons. With three children at different levels, plus a preschooler under foot 3 days a week, it’s not the speediest of stitching, but every cross is a cross closer! I currently have the top row complete (excluding frames), and am approximately 2/3rds of the way through my first block of row two.


My other focus project at the minute is my crochet blanket. This one is super exciting as this is a pattern I helped develop, along with a couple of crafty friends, and it’s so awesome to see it come to life! It came with me on a recent roadtrip to Cape York – 8000km makes for plenty of handwork time! The current row is the second last colour stripe of the first repeat, with I think at least 2 more repeats to go, to make it nice and snuggley.

Our quilt group are planning a girls weekend in a few weeks on, so I’m shifting up my list making game a couple of levels, trying to decide my priority projects. Or possibly I’ll just pull my usual trick and take as much of my craft room as I can manage to jam in my car. Chances are, even with a list, I’ll take far too much and touch nothing. What is it about thoughts and counting??


    • admin says

      I am getting there! My little boy is playing soccer all week so I’ve been taking my projects with me. Peter Pan is nearly done, and I’m about to start the last colour of the repeat on the blanket 🎉

  1. says

    Aaah! Peter Pan had so many colour changes! I am reconsidering restarting my wave blanket… I think I chose too many colours.

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