getting’ granny wit it…

So, prior to the ill-fated meeting of Lap Top & Tea Cup, I was being productive. Of the creative variety, that is, rather than the boring, everyday-crap-which-must-be-done kind of productive. All fired up by Car’s crocheted granny blankie, I was keen to have a go myself. I placed my rather lofty ambitions in the somewhat capable hands of Google, and had a bit of a search for an easy to understand tutorial whilst enjoying a nice, quiet cup of tea (unspilt at that stage).


I think I have tension issues. The end result was a square, true, but not of the granny variety. There are holes at somewhat regular intervals, and it looks ok, until I compared it with the picture of what itw as suppoed to look like. *sigh*



Once my poor sore fingers return to normal I may have another try.


Monday has been picking on me so far. A certain small boy decided he wanted breakfast at soem unholy hour of the morning, so I found myself standing in the kitchen making Weetbix before five this morning – not a good start to the week! But I plan to turn that around. Teaching the crochet hook who’s boss. Finishing D9P – so close, I’m just in the process of sewing in the ends & stitching down the binding, so hopfeully will be able to show it off sometime this week. Trying to find a painting groove. Lots of books & couddles & swings & outdoor play before winter really sets in. It’s going to be a good week. Let’s do this!


  1. says

    This is what all my previous attempts looked like 😉 I kept unravelling and starting over until I got the hang of it. I also found using two colours made it easier to start the new round :)

    Why are your fingers sore?


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