A little bit of this and a little bit of that…

And shake your butt, na na na na… C’mon, don’t tell me you weren’t doing a chair boogie just then. So, moving on in the Quilt Camp gifty parade, this gifty belongs to the delightful Miss Carrose. You may recall in my previous stamp carving post, I referred to a completed stamp? Well, it was the chicken you see below, but I didn’t dare show it because it would almost guarantee Carrose would know what I was up to. Yes, the chicken jokes are that pervasive. As are the “doosh-hund” jokes. The sheep is supposed to be a ewe, and while the inspiration for that one isn’t our usual #comedygold, I still couldn’t stop giggling the whole ruddy time I was carving.

I also took a punt and mounted them on wood blocks, graciously provided by Running Bear. And by graciously I mean “I can’t cut these with my saw, I’ll need to by a new one”. Yeah, right. Nice try. I think he’s spent too much time around me, with a flimsy new-toy justification like that. Despite the lack of new saw though, he did a stellar job, and after I swiped each edge with a bit of sandpaper, I was chuffed with the end result.

The chicken *giggle* was completely my own design, the doosh-hund *snigger* was drawn freehand using this image as inspiration, the sheep/ewe was drawn freehand loosely based on this image, and the chevron stamp was inspired by this Etsy listing that she had pinned and referred to a time or two. And of course, due credit must go to this tutorial, which was super easy to follow (for my Aussie followers, I found all the bits and pieces I needed at Eckersley’s).

I have another little stamp in the works, which I hope to finish tonight so I can use it for a gift card. My secret Santa goodies are slowly progressing, though I think there may be a trip to the craft store on the cards for my afternoon. A busy day means my crafting time is limited and stolen. Tonight, I plan to write. The chapter to which yesterday’s L&P snippet belongs is begging to be attended too, and I also need to finish unpacking from quilt camp. There is always tomorrow for decent crafting time. Boy2 is begging for dinosaur digger craft, so it seems that will be the extent of my creativity for today, unless I can convince him to do it himself while I craft alongside him…


  1. says

    And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!!!
    especially love that Mr Dove had an awesome part in making them, but sorry to hear he didn’t get a new saw out of it…

    So thank you Miss Dove and Mr Dove!

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