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…advent, kid style…

…advent, kid style…

How many countdowns is too many? Asking for a friend drowning in challenges and countdowns and who added a couple of kid countdowns to the list as well…

We have done advent activity calendars for years. We’ve strung up envelopes, we’ve done a lucky dip box, we’ve had kid-made versions, last year we had a little drawer set. It’s fun to come up with a new twist each year. This year was the most organised I’ve been for, well, than I ever have been – I picked up a cute set on clearance at BigW around New Years. While the kids got busy getting the tree up on Sunday afternoon, I set myself up at the table and started putting it all together.

I picked 24 activities that I know the children will enjoy, and popped them in the bags, along with a candy cane for each day. I normally also include a bible verse, however this year as part of our summer homeschool program, I have downloaded this copywork & journaling workbook, The activities are a mix of craft projects, and games, and movies, and giving to various Christmas appeals. The very first one though, was Santa letters (template is by me forever ago, you can download it for personal use here) – even the North Pole has pandemic-influenced postal delays!! Ideally I would have liked to have gotten them done earlier, but it was more important to preserve the Advent magic, so I will take my chances that the AusPost elves will get It all here on time.

Those elves do have me a bit stressed though – I have a Roaring Twenties do next week, and I’ve spent an absolute bomb on a vintage pattern. The fabric is ordered, but the elves set to think it won’t be here until early next week. Worst case, the day of the event. It could be interesting. In mean time, I’ll distract myself with all the challenges I need to keep on top of, and pretend I’m totally cool with a super tight deadline. It’s fine. I’m fine. It’s totally fine. What’s advent without a bit of stress?

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