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…b. i. n. g. o…

Long weekends are a cornerstone in many of our crafty shenanigans. The extra day, the holiday mood, the chance to pause adulting – time to really get stuck into a good project and make solid progress. Easter, being a four day weekend, is an excellent chance to supersize our usual long weekend crafting, and make All The Things. Back in 2019, we discovered creative bingo, we repeated it with our own card in 2020, and it is now an annual tradition. 16 or 25 prompts, four days, and a whole lot of crafty goodness and laughs along the way.

Friday is always a slow start for me – we go to church in the morning, traditionally followed by morning tea at a friend’s place, and from there, out to lunch with family. Last year, obviously, was a lot quieter, and I smashed out my bingo from the beginning. This year we more than made up for it, and didn’t stop from the time we walked out the door at 8.15am until we farewelled our guests at 4.15pm that afternoon. I made the most of the downtime and got hooked in.

Saturday was my chance to get stuck in. I art journaled and sewed and painted my way through the day. By Sunday afternoon, I had almost everything ticked off, and planned for a big day on Monday. But the best laid plans, yada yada yada, and I instead ended up on the tools all day helping the mister build a basketball court for the kids. By the time we were done, I didn’t have the energy to tick off the last couple of boxes. I could shuffle a few things around, and all I had left then was BLOG.

Technically, then, I failed creative bingo. However, it got me making and engaging in creative play and picking up projects, so to me, that’s a win. All my bingo projects can be found on my instagram highlights. The children are at my parents today, so I’m busy continuing the crafting binge, sewing a pinafore, reading, painting and writing. At some point I’ll have to think about cleaning up the evidence of a 6 day craftathon, but before that, maybe a walk, a coffee, and one more project…

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