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…christmas cross stitch…

Advent, around here, is a fabulous excuse to craft ourselves silly. In December last year, I started a cross-stitch and was doing a slap-up job of keeping up. 10 days in, I was still on track to complete it on time. Then on the 12th, life blew up in my face, and aside from a stitch here and there, it was pretty much ignored.

When we moved, I could see it wouldn’t take much to finish it off, and so I packed it in my box for the house. There, it got ignored once again, until I hit the pandemic finishpalooza and suddenly, it was back on my radar. As expected, it didn’t take long at all to finish, and I was so happy with the finished piece.

I had been putting off stitching up more vignettes from the Deck The Halls banner, as I thought the fabric was much smaller than it is. This linen is from my stash, and I have a feeling it came via my mum’s stash, so it would be almost impossible to track down something close enough to make a matching set. Now I look at it, there is plenty left for at least three more stitcheries, if not four. I still have the floss colours on a ring in my trolley, so it wouldn’t take much to get stuck in. There’s still a solid 3 weeks until Christmas. That’s doable, right? At least one? Teetering on the ledge and falling into a new project in 3, 2, 1…

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