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…long weekend creative bingo…

There is a tradition that has developed over the last few years, that a long weekend in front of us means that it is a good chance for some communal crafting. And what is communal crafting without a challenge involved?

The last couple of long weekends have become increasingly convoluted with a list of things to tick off. We were in the process of trying to settle on such a list for the upcoming Easter long weekend, when I came across a “Creativity Bingo” card by @lacelit on instagram. It’s a bonus printable when you sign up to her newsletter (which you can find on her website), and you can bet your sewing machine I was all over that faster than you can say “shut up and take my email address”. And thus, our easter plans were settled.

From knock off o’clock Thursday, until bedtime Monday, we will be aiming to complete as many of the options as possible, and racing to be the first one to call BINGO! My mind has been swirling overtime with options of what I am going to choose for each square, and I am on the countdown until starting time to get hooked in. Four hours, 13 minutes and counting…

  • Kimberly Taylor-Pestell

    I couldn’t be more delighted that you’re so enjoying my Creativity Bingo activity sheet! I can only imagine the lovely crafting you’ll get up to this spring. Can’t wait to see!

    April 18, 2019 at 1:04 pm Reply

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