not your average quilt block…

This quilt camp gifty was one of my hardest ones to decide on. Having been to Kayscha’s place back in August for the brilliant weekend that was Camp Kayscha, you would think that would make it easier, when in fact, I found it made it harder! Miss Kayscha has a very clear vision and sense of style, and knowing how beautiful her home is made deciding on a gifty quite daunting. I settled on something for her sewing room, maybe a mini canvas to pop in her little typesetters drawer… And so I let that sit and percolate for a week or two. I had a colour scheme in mind, but the actual execution eluded me. Then, pottering around one night, making other gifties and doing a spot of blog browsing, the design popped fully formed into my mind. An offset swoon block. With three swoon quilts under her belt, Swoon was the perfect fit. I chose a slightly larger canvas than I originally planned, and I “quickly” ruled up a scale copy of the block, before transferring it onto the red canvas with the aid of some carbon paper. The colours changed slightly as I went through, starting with the gold accents, then a coffee centre, a touch of white, and then I stood back and looked, and decided the charcoal I was planning on wouldn’t work where I had planned. I pulled out a couple more tubes, and slowly mixed up a close approximation to my memory of the duck egg blue the room that this canvas is intended for, will be painted in. But even as late as Thursday night, I was nervous about it, and had I had more time, I would likely have done a replacement gift. But that time wasn’t to eventuate, and so this was it, thankfully well received!


Today’s creativity has been limited ways to beat the heat. I’m glad we did our baking yesterday, it’s far to hot to even think about turning on an oven today. I’m using the same excuse to avoid the ironing (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it anyway!). With a sore throat niggling, I spent nap time on the lounge, under the fan, and with Pursuit of Happyness to keep me company, stitched away a lovely chunk of the afternoon. The weekend is threatening to be just as hot, so we are setting up the pool tomorrow, and I’m am planning on parking myself in it and not moving a great deal. Except for some craft, of course. I can always make allowances for craft time.

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