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At the start of this self-isolation thing, I had so many plans, for finishing so many things. To say I have an abundance of WIPs would be an understatement to be honest (surprising exactly no-one who’s been around here for more than 30 seconds). By day four, I had acheived exactly nothing towards these big plans, and I was feeling overwhelmed by all the things to finish.

Clearly, it was list time. I sat down and made a list of all the things I had swirling around my head – some daily projects, some new projects I’d been waiting to do forever, some almost-finished projects that this was the perfect opportunity to get stuck in and knock them out. I managed to stick to the list all the way through to Saturday lunch time…

During the week, you see, I had a little parcel arrived. Not even a global pandemic can stop my personal economic stimulus plan to ensure the survival of Australia Post. In my defense though, this particular parcel was in transit before any restrictions and lock downs. I managed to get my arm twisted and forced into a new group cross-stitch project, and the parcel arrived last week. With all my chores done, and the afternoon stretching before me, what better opportunity to start the weekly-release-pattern before I got too far behind.

One extra project isn’t too bad, surely? My list has plenty of room for an extra. Except then I had a hankering for some knitting, and a lovely skein of yarn calling my name. A quick search of pinterest and a click or two on etsy and whoops, there’s another extra project. I got it cast on last night and after a couple of false starts, am now a quarter of the way through the main length of the cowl/scarf.

So. Yep. List method is working brilliantly! To try and actually get stuff finished, I’ve decided to pick a daily focus, or more accurately, two daily focuses, as my mornings at the school table need something simple and easy, whilst the afternoons are mine to do as I please with more complex or messy projects. Today we were back into the school rhythm, and it was a good chance to get my blackwork up to date, or starting to, anyway. Week 12 is now done, and week 13 awaits it’s turn to get stitched up ahead of Wednesday’s release. This afternoon’s designated project is the aforementioned knitting, but before I can do that, there’s other fun calling my name. Bread to be baked, and sourdough starter to begin. The storm clouds are rolling in so hopefully the evening brings rain, which makes me think bikkies should be on the agenda while we are baking, something sweet to have with my cup of tea after bed time. The familiarity of a grounding rhythm has done me the world of good today, and even with less spare time, I’m getting more done. Might even try and squeeze in a board game with the children, but for now I’m enjoying the sounds of their outdoor play as they exercise their imaginations along with their legs. Day twelve and I think we may just have this isolation thing working. For now.

  • Car

    Yay for new projects and wool. Time for me to pull out my kitty project and get started or finished!

    March 30, 2020 at 5:00 pm Reply

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