I have quite a few secret squirrel projects on the go at the minute, in the lead up to quilt camp. I just hope everyone likes them! I’ve worked hard to try and come up with something unique for each of the lovely ladies coming along, so I think they will all be appreciated at least!

But it also means, with 8 sleeps until camp (not that I’m counting!) that it’s also the only crafting I’m getting done. And thus it follows, I’m limited as to what I can show off. Like this teeny snippet of something special.

I’m three done of seven, so it’s time to get a move on. I’ve also managed a good whack of studio tidying, because hopefully in the next few days I’ll be able to move my new cabinet in. A quiet home day yesterday was a wise idea before the busy-ness that is Friday, and a crazy weekend in which we hope to see the biggest chunk of the cubby house finished. It’s a stay-in-the-car-and-taxi-children-around kind of day. But it’s Friday. Love me a silver lining like that.


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