sweet birdie…

Without thinking, I flicked up the back of the mailbox, and pulled out the envelopes, not really paying attention, distracted by the chatter of a small boy. My thumb sank into a soft envelope, and I stopped, Looked down. A jiffy bag with my name on it. Could it be? Oh yes, yes it was! I ripped it open, and inside was the cutest little mug rug, made by Nic as part of a recent swap. Isn’t she pretty?

Rolling over the hump on this sunny autumn Wednesday with the help of some friends coming for afternoon tea. Which makes for a busy day. Groceries done, children in bed, time to get into high gear and get cleaning. A cake to bake. 500 loads of washing to hang and fold. A little painting ready to come off the board for blogging. A quilt to plan for a small boy. Cuddles and snuggles and sandpits. Two days to the weekend, down hill run starts NOW. Let’s do this!

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