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This week, there is a definite feel of spring in the air. The days are deliciously warm, to the point I’ve cracked out the shorts the last couple of days. The air has the scent of newly budding flowers. The mornings are rapidly getting lighter and the afternoons longer. With a new season, my favourite season, comes a fresh burst of energy and motivation. And with energy and motivation, comes, of course, new projects.

Like many of the projects that are in various stages of (in)completion around here, it started with a semi-innocent conversation with the usual suspect, who happened to vaguely sorta maybe say something along the lines of “hey, you know what we should do…” and next minute, we had a trello board, a pinterest board, a hashtag and 365 creative prompts to see us through the next year.

It’s simple enough. One prompt a day, every day, for a year. We both have unused 365 journals from Kikki K, so we will also be journaling our way through our projects. There is enough variation in the prompts that we should also be able to tick off a few 202020 projects as well.

We are a week in, and it has been so invigorating! So far I have lettered, sewn a bag (which I adore, and deserves a post all of it’s own), carved a fun stamp, created a rainbow selfie, made an essential oil roller, worked on my temperature stitches, and started a new quilt. It’s a good old-fashioned craftapalooza around here, and it is so much fun to be back in the groove of creating and exploring each day.

Today, our prompt is string art. I’m thinking of tying it in to Mr6’s school lesson from this morning, so as soon as I have the big kids sorted for the day, he and I are off to the shed in search of some scrap wood and nails. I’m hoping to get the first 10 blocks of aforementioned newly started quilt. I’ve gotten crazy behind on my temperature stitches so I want to continue working on those while helping the kids with school. It’s windy as heck outside, so I’m trying to power through the weekend’s backlog of washing to make the most of the excellent drying weather. I need to get the actual journal pages for this project up to date. My kindle is screaming for attention with no less than three new books sitting and waiting for me. Wonder if I can sneak in a chapter while supervising school… if someone knows where I can order a time-turner, that woul dbe fab. So much fun stuff, so little time…

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