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…the day after the weekend before…

…the day after the weekend before…

It never ceases to amaze me, every single year, exactly how exhausted I am after a solid 3-4 days of doing nothing more than sitting around, chatting and crafting at quilt camp. And every year, I come home completely knackered, in need of a weekend to recover from my weekend.

It was such a fabulous weekend. 3 full days of sleep ins and too much food and too much coffee and staring at the ocean from the deck as I chatted with the ladies and finishing books and starting books and bouncing between projects like the crazy unfocused crafter I am.

Discussions are already well under way for next year, even as I put the finishing touches on one of this years gifts. And despite the exhaustion, I also feel energized and inspired and fired up ready to hit the silly season head on, and wrap up a heap of projects for the 202020 challenge over the next two months. Lots of posts coming this week too, with what I worked on, what I gave, and a full wrap up of the weekend. For now, though, I’m going to make yet another cup of coffee, stare at the almost-unpacked-but-too-hard-to-finish suitcases full of craft supplies, and count the hours until bedtime, with Little Athletics in between which requires me to appear as a coherent and functioning adult, which could be very interesting….

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      Four times a year for two full days and 3/4 of Sunday, I am invited (along with 39 others) to do a day retreat about ten minutes from my house. The doors open at 8 and close when the last one is standing. Even though I’m typically a middle of the road-er, get there about 9 and sew and visit until around 6 pm or 7 pm, it is exhausting. It’s a blast seeing everyone’s ta-da moments, and just visiting — and laughing at those who haven’t even turned on their machine by 3 pm. It is also a time of renewal and refreshing.

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        That sounds fabulous!! I’m one that is definitely guilty of taking my machine and not even turning it on! There is something very special about communal crafty time, even if it’s more chatting and less crafting lol

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