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Oh MAN, what a week! After Easter, when Mr Barefoot was back at work, and the school holidays were well under way, the small people absconded, all four of them, to my parents place, leaving me with a delightful 2.5 days to myself. So. Much. Fun. I did also have big plans to clean the studio, but, you know…

Something fun I started this week was a 100 days project, and I chose lettering. Brush script. Calligraphy. Handwriting. Whatever. As long as it’s done by hand to create letters, it counts.


Since it’s holidays, I totally need a new pair of lounge pants, right?

If I get cracking now, I might have half a chance at getting these cute sewing boxes made for my quilt camp gifties. Maybe.

The Umbrella Prints challenge is on again this year and I’m keen as mustard to give it a go – I’m thinking of choosing the blue?

When I’ve finished my current cowl, I’m going to need to make something with this pretty lace knit stitch

I have some fabulous patters I found at the op-shop I want to make up for my autumn wardrobe, and I’m thinking this double gauze might be perfect for one of them

How has your week been? Don’t forget to join us on instagram for #barefootsunday as we share where our bare feet are taking us this week.


    • admin says

      I wonder why they didn’t work on mobile? Maybe bc Pinterest redirects to the app? And yeah they are, aren’t they?

  1. says

    Ah those pants look so comfy, I have a super easy pants pattern someplace….. just need fabric….. and time

    and must have a go at making me one of those boxes

    • admin says

      Or wait long enough & the birthday fairy might bring you one 😛 I Need to make me some of those pants before our roadtrip!

  2. says

    Love the photos of all your fun projects! Do I spy a Harry Potter DVD? Love that series! I also love your #barefootsunday on Instagram. I’d participate, but I’m pretty insecure about my feet, haha.

    • admin says

      You sure do! I found most of them on special the other day for $8 per bluray. Feel free to pop some socks on your feet & join in anyway, we’d love to have you however you feel comfortable playing along. It probably will only be another month or two until I’ll be sock-bound as we head into winter x

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