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where to start?

What a weekend! I had a blast with the Saturday Night Bloggers Boogey, got spoilt rotten for mothers day, had a lovely lazy evening last night…and now I’ve been whacked in a major way with the Monday stick, thanks to that lazy night! I’m trying to catch up on housework after a day out yesterday, as well as start,er,complete my bits and bobs for the Mothers Day swap. It feels my to-do list is getting longer with every passing day. Thankfully most of it is fun stuff, so it doesn’t fell like a chore. Like the stripes above – a custom fabric commissioned by a friend for a birthday party that I did up over the weekend and just waiting on final approval. My mind is buzzing a million miles an hour with so much crafty mojo, if only I could find the time! But Monday calls, and Monday means weekend recovery of the housework variety…surely with two adults in the house there should be less work to do, right? Does anyone else find weekends make for a stack more housework? The girl and I have been YouTubeing this morning, some Elmo and Rainbow Brite, waiting for outside to warm up enough. Now the sun is up higher, our little patio out the back is a lovely little warmth trap, so we hung out for a bit and read some stories before she wandered off for a nap. And as I sit in my little glasshouse studio, with the winter sun pouring in through the large back windows, it’s toasty and warm and I’m kind of losing my mojo to go and do the ironing and the sweeping and the mopping. Maybe I should mop myself into the studio? Monday Monday Monday, I wish you’d play nice. This list isn’t getting any shorter, time to get cracking it would seem. Coffee’s on board, girl is napping, let’s do this!

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