sneaky sneaky


I very nearly didn’t post today, but I just finished this little beanie, so wanted to show it off. I hear “I don’t know how you find the time” a lot. You know how? By sneaking it in. By making creating part of my everyday routine. This little beauty was finished during Boy2’s drama lesson, while Butterfly chatted beside me. I found the pattern via AJ after she made one for her little boy, it’s a super easy little chap.


Busy busy day here, I feel like all I’ve done is put children in and out of the car. And hang washing three minutes before it rained. But it’s a fun kind of busy, trying to be all productive to make our equally crazy weekend easier. Be sure to check back for the Bloggers Boogie tomorrow, it’s a corker!

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    Glad to see that someone else makes use of children’s activity time to be creative. I’ve knitted, hand sewed, & crocheted during my boys t-ball training days & even games in the past. Keep it up.

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      I’m fast becoming the attraction of the mum’s area – what’s in the bag today! Beanie this week, quilt binding last week, crochet before that! It’s a good chance to do something little that doesn’t need too much concentration!