the day before…

Boy Two was at preschool. Little Miss was in bed. For the final time, before my baby became a big boy, it was just me and Boy One. I choked back my melancholy, and asked him what would he like to do. I shouldn’t have had to guess, of course it would be his favourite. A train, for Pooh Bear. I gathered the boxes, he gathered the craft supplies. We taped and cut and painted, and from nothing appeared a train. A cargo train.

He proudly props it up on the outside table to dry, and I scoop him up, and we collapse into the day bed. I hold him tight, and breath him in. Tomorrow, it will all change. He’ll be a big boy, at big school. No longer will his world revolve around home and our activities. I’m being pushed to the periphery, and my heart is breaking. What will I do with my days, without my little mate, and his constant narrative of our day?

He looks at me and grins. “One more sleep, mummy!!”. His excitement is mounting, and I can’t help but smail back at him, my spirits lifted by his enthusiasm for the adventure ahead. “One more sleep, sweetheart, just one.”


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    Beautiful afternoon! You, well you take some time to adjust to the new routine (Im 2 weeks in and STILL adjusting) then you relish in this gorgeous little person that you have successfully raised this beautiful little soul ready for their next step in the big world around them xxx (yes I am a wee bit nostalgic as I watch my baby girl grow and develop)

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