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We do a fair bit of baking around here, so I tend to buy our flour in 12.5kg bags direct from a somewhat-local organic flourmill. Except this bag, I wasn’t quite as regimented at getting the leftover from the paper sack into the sealed plastic container as I normally would be. Of course, this meant prepping the pizza bases on Saturday night revealed a somewhat unpleasant, yet completely predictable surprise. Weevils *gag*. So rather than throw out the lovely unbleached organic bakes flour not ruined by a pantry moth infestation, I did what any other tightwad crafty mama would do. We made playdough! Add the all-natural colour, and we were all kinds of hippy with our 100% organic, artificial-colour-free home baked playdough!


And in my pursuit of actually justifying my Pinterest addiction, I printed these number sheets and let Boy2 at them!


And really, what grownup can resist the chance to play as well? After all the sausages were prepped, biscuits in the “oven” and “ice cream cones” created, I started to pinch a bit from here and there, and had a fiddle. Though my handiwork was somewhat disparaged by the resident 5 year old art critic – “What’s that supposed to be, mummy?” Thanks, Bear. Can you tell what it is?


I had grand plans for today. I even laid out fabric for a quilt, as well as sketched out a pattern for a mini-overnight bag for the girl. But thanks to my caring sharing children, I’ve instead spent the day feeling like rubbish and doing a great deal of not much at all. Hopefully tomorrow will be easier to get through my to-do list, crafty and otherwise. I have a bracelet commission to whip up, a painting to photograph and pack for shipping, the bag to sew, that quilt to start, a journal to bind. Lots to be happening on the blog next week! And don’t forget to pop back tomorrow for the Bloggers Boogie, kicking off from lunchtime, I can’t wait to share this weeks finds with you!) Friday evening is here, it’s getting dark, and I think we can call the weekend officially ON. Yee haa!


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  • AJ

    You should add this to your pinterest tally!

    April 10, 2014 at 11:19 pm Reply
    • LittleWhiteDove

      Look at you, creeping the archives 😛 This one doesn’t count, it was before the Pinspired challenge 🙂

      April 11, 2014 at 9:22 am Reply

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