Just a little something

For far too long now, the five kilos of keys I lug around with me have remained determinedly unadorned. A clip to attach them to my bag passed as a keyring. Devoid of any sign of who may own them, they existed merely as a clump of metal pieces attached, very ad hoc, I may add, by various small rings that the keys themselves had come attached to.


Last night, while watching Masterchef & lamenting my lack of culinary ability, I finally got sick of the multitude of rings, which, while varying in size, were all of similar cheap construction, and made myself a little keyring from some crystals and beads lying idly in my stash, purchased for a now-long-forgotten project.



The end beads are silver filgree beads, and the others are Swarovski crystals, threaded on beading wire. I’m not overly happy with the beading wire, so I think a trip to the craft store over the weekend is in order, to pick up a couple of earring drops to make them a bit sturdier. At the minute they are bending out of shape in my bag.


Today is a lovely lazy Friday. Item one on the agenda – sewing. A quick tidy of the studio, making a gift, possibly another couple of rounds on my crochet rug. Just easing our way into a hectic weekend. Let’s do this!


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