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…morning stitches…

Sometimes, I look at my blog list in Feedly, or my instagram feed, and have no recollection of how I first found someone. Especially these days when my Feedly is so empty, I wonder how I ever came across someone in the first place, especially my old-school favourites. As much as I love Pinterest (and sometimes dislike it immensely, because like all things, algorithms do my head in, I just want to see the stuff that is posted by the people that I follow!), one of it’s biggest downfalls is it is so easy now to just pin something, follow that pin, complete the tutorial, and move on. Some of my (now-defunct) must-reads, came from someone sharing me a tutorial link, and falling down the rabbit hole of their posts, and then following links to their bloggy friends, and falling down THAT rabbit hole, and so on and so forth.

Which is a long nostalgic round-about way, of saying, a while back, I came across Jen Hewett’s instagram, via  another instagrammer/former blogger that I have followed for years (from those “how did I find you?” rabbit hole days). Jen would often post about her “warm up stitches”, which had me all intrigued, so over to her blog I hopped, and read up on how they fit into her creative process (you can find the post about it here).

The concept of these warm-up stitches has stayed with me, bubbling away but never getting dealt with, until the last week or so, during a conversation about morning routines and making them more workable. Since the conversation was with none other than my number one enabler/partner in crafty crime, Car, I was immediately informed that adding “morning stitches” to my routine was a no brainer.

Unfortunately, the fabric I thought I had that I wanted to use, I seemed to have finished off in previous projects. I did find, however, a cute teal honeycomb print, along with some white perle cotton in my stash, and as a project delayed is a project forgotten, I figured I was best to work with what I had on hand and got stuck in.

While I have missed a few days, I have stitched on five days of the past week. I have ended up doing it while the children do school, rather than first thing of a morning, but it is a lovely way to keep my hands busy, while not requiring much thought. What will I do with them? I’m not quite sure to be jonest. I think my current piece is as done as I want it to be, so I may even set it aside, and choose my next fabric to be something that co-ordinates with it, to become part of a larger project. Or not. Maybe I will just make a bundle of random squares and stash them for one-day projects, when I may need a bit of the ol’ razzle dazzle to finish off a project. We’ll see.

Today we are powering through our school work to get our current units wrapped up ahead of school break next week. I have one quilt camp project to add the finishing touches to, another in the laying out stages. I’m planning to drag out my craft tote this afternoon and start adding a few things to it. I finished my second last book club book last night, so I need to write that review, and start the last book. The sun is playing peekaboo with the clouds but I’m hoping it will come out to play properly so we can maybe hit up the park later this afternoon. There’s an art journal page swirling around my head I want to get out. I have another  blog post planned for this afternoon too, to catch up on what I missed over the weekend. As far as Monday’s go, it’s a pretty gentle old start to the week. Just what I need as life on the whole starts gearing up for a crazy finish to the year…

  • Catherine Kelley

    Have you seen @365daysofstitches? She keeps one medium-ish hoop with neutral fabric and stitches one thing a day as an act of mindfulness, or her “warm up” stitches. It’s lovely. I’ve followd her for 2 years now.

    October 15, 2018 at 10:39 pm Reply

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