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A few months back, as a subscriber to the 2014 Once Upon A Time sampler, I got to take part in the survey for the theme of the 2015 sampler. There were a few cute options, but as soon as I saw literature, I knew exactly what I was voting for. And then when the 2015 sampler was revealed to be, in fact, a literary themed stitch a long, well, I ignored the fact that last years sits somewhere around 30% complete and signed up so quick I’m pretty sure I broke land speed records.

story time sampler


Like many in the stitch a long group, I’m reading the books along with the stitching. January was Alice in Wonderland, and the children & I are about half way through the book. February has just been released and is The Secret Garden, a book I have read approximately 7000 times, but nevertheless will re-read again this month. I’m hoping I can keep up a bit better this year, with both the reading and the stitching. The blocks are a lot smaller this year, which should make it easier. Right?


    • Little White Dove says

      Me too! You might like to check out The Misselthwaite Archives on YouTube, theya re doing a great webseries adaptation of The Secret Garden.

  1. says

    That awkward moment I blog my story time progress and have to check I didn’t use the same blog title as YOU 😛

    Looks great chicky!

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