the D9P quilt is done! And not a moment too soon  – winter has hit with a vengence here *brrrr*

A shot of the quilt on top of the Jacob’s Ladder quilt in the same fabrics:


And across the quilt to show the lovely fabrics & puffiness:



I knew today would be good when I woke to the children in our bed, Master Two lying peacefully with his arm around the slumbering Master Not-quite-one. And the day hasn’t failed to disappoint. Even with my sleep reserves at an all time low. Dancing on beds, painting, getting some ideas on paper, starting a new project. Laughter, love, friends, creating. All that is good in my world coalecsing into a fantabulous day. And it’s not over yet. Busting a move as I finish cleaning the bathroom. Crochet attempt 579. Some scrapping. Playing with my camera. And if I can swing it, a trip to the fabric shop ready to make a couple of RAKs for a couple of special people. Life is good, and I’m loving every minute. Let’s do this!


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    I’ve seen pictures of disappearing 9 patch before and hated them — seemed a jumble — yours made me go, aha! that’s what it can be like! Very nice.

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