…finally finished…

Making, it seems, begets making. Once I’m on a roll with a project, I like to get stuck in and keep it rolling…until I hit a road block and put it away for a year. But once I get the creative mojo flowing, I can generally make good progress. After getting home from quilt camp, where I had been very productive in amongst all the chatting, one of the first projects I pulled out of my bag was my improv quilt, that I’d finished the hand quilting on over the weekend, and as soon as I had the chance, I popped downtown to the fabric shop to pick up a length of homespun for the binding. I went back and forth on options, but in the end, picked a red that was close enough. It wasn’t perfect, but when you are trying to work with a 2012 fabric range, you have to let go of our matchy matchy perfectionist tendencies and roll with what you can find. I also grabbed an aqua, but laying it out at home, it just didn’t “pop” in the way the red did.

An afternoon in the craft room to attach it, and then, serendipitously, my husband had to go away for a weekend conference. Which lead to my folks offering to have the kids for a night. Which lead to a movie marathon and getting the binding stitched down. For the last month or so, since it’s finish, it has lived on the back of the lounge, and I’m am so thrilled with how it’s come together. There have even been a couple of nights cool enough to give it a test run, and it is so warm and snuggly – definitely worth the time it took to finally get it across the finish line.

With the madness of the Christmas season upon us, of course it’s the perfect time to sneak in a blog post – procrastination, thy name is Barefoot…. I have no less than 5 photos shoots in various stages of completion that I need to get out the door. A pile of graphics to make for my doTERRA business. I am completely winging the advent activities at the minute because I blinked in April and suddenly it was December. There’s a quilt in progress on my studio floor for preschool. Book club books over due for the post. My poor little brain has too many tabs open right now, so I’m off to make a(nother) coffee, grab some paper and do a brain dump. If I’m lucky I might even sneak in a chapter of my book before the kids wake up…


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