I have blogged before about a long lost quilt. One I started as a teenager, and finished a couple of years back in time for son nmber 2 to use it as a play quilt.


Well. It seems Master Four, the sensible child, isn’t as sensible as I thought, and in a moment when mummy’s attention was turned, took to my lovely quilt. With scissors. *sob*



Picnic rug it becomes.


I’m spending Sunday in my studio. Editing photos. Blogging. Sewing. Maybe a spot of cleaning up. Before long the children will awake, and if this sun stays out, I may just take them for a walk to the park & feed some ducks. Please stay out Mr Sun, we miss you! Things are looking up for the week ahead. Crazy busy, but fun. Play dates, shopping, a post office trip. Hopefully a Secret Santa parcel to open soon. A good week, a fun week. Three weeks until Christmas!


  1. says

    Oh no :( just mend it and think of it as part of the story your special quilt has to tell. maybe oneday you will be telling your gransdchildren all aboutt why there is a little mended patch on the quilt they are playing on!

    Nic xxx
    ohhhh nearly SS time !

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