oh my orange…


A quick little progress post, to show that I have been busy creating, and my life hasn’t been taken over by writing and blogging and gallivanting! Boy2 requested an orange quilt – reckon I’ll meet the brief? I’ve spent the morning laying out these 240 6.5″x2″ strips ready for his quilt, now just to sew them all together! I’m hoping the sewing is quicker than the cutting and the laying out. Maybe a spot of lunch is in order first, give me strength for a sewing marathon before naps and quiet-time-in-the-cubby are at an end. I’m hoping to squeeze in some writing time as well, but that will likely be tonight, now I’m on a roll I want to get going, so today is looking like maybe a double post kind of day! Thursday means one day until the weekend, can I be ready to baste by then? Not if I stay sitting at the computer! The minutes are ticking away, time to go get my quilt on!


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